The Hoosier Hunting Retriever Club was conceived by hunters, for hunters to give them the opportunity to work with their dogs, meet other people interested in the sport, and to participate in hunting retriever tests. Our primary goal is help you hone your dog's natural abilities and become the dog you desire.

Membership in the Hoosier Hunting Retriever Club provides you with the opportunity to work with others and to learn the skills necessary to train your retriever. It will also provides you with the opportunity to learn training tips from fellow members, observe dog demonstrations, participate in monthly training days and general membership meetings, attend judges/handlers seminars, and participate in United Kennel Club (UKC) licensed hunting retriever tests.

As an organization, we train from March thru September, generally twice a month. Normally, we train at the Farmland Conservation Club in Farmland IN, Glenns Valley Conservation Club in Waverly, IN, and Camp Cullom in Frankfort, IN. To provide a variety for our dogs, we occasionally train at other venues. Updates on training days are posted on the Hoosier HRC Facebook page.

Because our goal is to help you with your dog, what we work on during training days varies based on the needs and desires of the club members. At every training day, we set up scenarios for every level of dog from puppy to Champion. These scenarios are designed to challenge the dogs (and handlers) and teach them new skills. Whenever possible, we use real birds, usually ducks or pigeons. Most training days will contain both land and water elements, providing it is not detrimental to the dog's health. Training days are held during virtually all types of weather. So if it's raining, grab your rain suit and come-on out and bundle up if it's cold!

Every year Hoosier HRC hosts at least at least one HRC Hunt Test which is open to all retrievers and versatile gun dog breeds. These Hunt Tests "test" the abilities of our dogs against national standards based on Started, Seasoned and Finished Classes. Participation in the tests is voluntary, but they are a great way to see how far your dog has come in their training.

An annual banquet is held for all members, at which time awards are presented. The club is a family-oriented organization, welcoming men, women and children. New members are always welcome.

Membership to the Hoosier Hunting Retriever Club is $25.00 per year which runs from March 1st through Feb.28. This money is used for general club expenses. In addition, you can join the National Hunting Retriever Club, Inc. Dues are $25 a year for single membership or $30 a year for family membership. Your membership to the National Hunting Retriever Club includes a year's subscription (6 issues) to HUNTING RETRIEVER magazine, a membership card and a copy of the UKC/HRC Rules for Started, Seasoned, Finished, and Upland Hunter Retriever Tests.

If you have questions, or would like more information, please drop us a note on our Facebook Page, or you can email hoosierhrc@gmail.com

For Hoosier HRC membership application, click here.